Exploring Intellect Community Policy

Effective May 3rd, 2019

As per the objectives of Exploring Intellect (EX:I), the EX:I site aims to create an online community comprising members that add value to the conversations and research around the African digital space. The EX:I community will be one that is conscientious and pushes for the advancement of true and factual knowledge.

With this in mind, EX:I site Users/Members are required to be:

  • Authentic
  • Polite
  • Professional and
  • Respectful


EX:I is a community of real people with real interests and real knowledge to contribute to the site. As such, Members are required to be authentic and honest about their knowledge and abilities/qualification as the case may be. Members will not use as their profile or cover pictures the likeness or picture of someone other than themselves nor will they will lead others to believe that they are someone other than who they truly are for any reason. Fraud, misrepresentation, and catfishing are strictly prohibited.


Members will maintain a professional demeanour in their posts and interaction with other Members of the community. This means that Members will refrain from making irrelevant and/or inflammatory comments and they will also refrain from engaging in activity that is irrelevant to the objectives of the site or inflammatory or damaging to Members on the site. As such, content that is or could be considered as trolling, phishing, doxing, spam, hate speech, fake news, explicitly violent and sexual (including nudity and pornography) is strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, no Member may use this site to advertise any sort of business, product, or service without the express permission of EX:I administration. In addition, unlawful activity associated with prostitution, human trafficking, any other forms of organised crime, suicide pacts, and terrorism will not be permitted on the site.


Members will be kind to one another and interact/communicate with one another in such a manner. Cyber-bullying and harassment of any kind are not permitted. This means that no Member or group of Members will persecute any Member or group of Members for any reason whatsoever (including but not limited to personal grievances, outer appearance, race, gender, age, religion, tribe and culture, nationality). Furthermore, no Member will engage in sexual harassment (including but not limited to giving unwanted sexual attention/advancement, name calling, posting/messaging sexual content to others).


EX:I Member will be respectful of others, the law, and EX:I and its rules and regulations. This section requires that Members observe all sections of this policy and the other EX:I policies and the User Agreement of the site.


Should any individual Member or any group of Members go against any section of this policy EX:I will disable or terminate their respective account(s).